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Economic crime remains on the rise in Britain as business and public sector organisations struggle in the face of economic austerity and spending cuts.

Cybercrime is now the third most common type of economic crime.

The direct cost and the collateral damage of cybercrime strikes an organisation at its core with the effects  seriously damaging the perception of a brand, leading to loss of market share.

As headcounts fall in IT control functions across the different industries, more fraud overall will go undetected, Organisations need to be vigilant and proactive when fighting economic / cybercrime.

Key stats:

  • Over half of UK respondents experienced economic crime in the last 12 months
  • Middle managers are responsible for two thirds of internal fraud.
  • Of those respondents who reported economic crime, over a quarter experienced cybercrime
  • 83% of respondents feared reputational damage as the biggest consequence of cybercrime.
  • 45% of UK organisations didn’t have any cyber security training in the last 12 months

Kingdom have a specialist division of cybercrime protection experts. Call Mark Wallace (Senior Operating Executive -  0845 051 7700) for your FREE cybercrime health check.

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