Inside Kingdom - Making incident reporting easy and taking incident control to a new level

Centralised control and awareness of incidents is essential for any security company and its customers.

Our new web based incident report (available via the Kingdom web STAFF ZONE) makes incident reporting even easier for our security personnel.

Mandatory completion fields include:-

- Customer Name
- Site Number
- Location / Address
- Incident Date / Time Occurred / Time Informed
- Reporting Guard
- Incident Details
- Descriptions
- Estimated or Known Damage or Losses / Injuries / Treatment / Images Taken
- Time Police Contacted / Arrived / Left
- Crime Number

On pressing submit the incident report goes directly into our National Control Centre. The Control Centre then complete mandatory form parts and escalation sections.

Kingdom incidents are divided into two categories:-

Major Incident: Immediate customer escalation and notification
Secondary Incident: Customer escalation and notification within 24 hrs

You can view our new incident report at
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