Inside Kingdom - We smash through the required pacesetter score of 86 with a mighty impressive ACS score of 117!

We work extremely hard at Kingdom and each and every work day brings new innovations. This was demonstrated in our 2011 ACS (approved contractor status) audit (completed by the SSAIB 26/6 to 1/7/2011- see below) where we smashed past the required 86 pacesetter score with a huge score of 117!

The Approved Contractor Scheme was introduced to form a set of operational and performance standards for companies. The ACS Standard encompasses all aspects of our business operations and the annual inspection process lasts 4 days. The standard takes a holistic view of how well an organisation is managed, how effectively it services its customers, and how well it treats its employees.

The Approved Contractor Scheme Pacesetters allows buyers of security services to find "the best of the best" by promoting the top 15% of audited companies. To achieve pacesetter accreditation companies must reach a score +86 (only 117 / 711 companies can currently demonstrate a score . exceeding +86) and the Kingdom score of 117 splits the field further and clearly demonstrates "best in class".

In restricting membership of the ACS Pacesetter to the top 15%, a total of only 107 companies are eligible to join.

Quite simply, as a client, would you want to select a company to tender for your security contract which was not in the top 15% of the ACS scoring system? It surely has to be the safest route.

The SAIB completed the Kingdom audit. The SSAIB is a Certification Body specialising in the security industry. With around 1500 companies of all sizes on their register, they certificate the greatest number of security service providers to ensure high standards of service.

If you require additional information about SSAIB please call Lynn Watts-Plumpkin Scheme Manager, Manned Services on 07870 336029 or view the SSAIB website

Thanks to all our customers, people and staff who were visited by our auditors,said nice things about us and demonstrated our skill set.


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