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Apprenticeships. Good for Business?

Managing Director Terry Barton (pictured right) Explains: “As a local company and a big provider of employment in the area, we’ve found that using the Chamber’s Apprenticeship programmes to fill some of our office-based jobs has been ideal. When we recruited Chloe (pictured left) the Chamber shortlisted a number of candidates for us who we interviewed and Chloe came out on top. “We’ve been engaged in the Apprenticeship programme now on several occasions and every time it’s been a great success. Most of the people we’ve taken on have been in essential administration roles which have supported the smooth running of the company.

Chloe came to work at Kingdom Security soon after leaving school through an Apprenticeship programme targeted especially at school leavers. “I felt like I’d had enough of full time education as there was nothing it could offer me in terms of practical skills,” says Chloe. “Working at Kingdom has given me a lot of practical experience that I would never have learnt from reading books; for me working alongside other staff doing a similar role has been much more valuable. “The role I do here is primarily administration based, providing support to the Team Leaders and Department Managers, especially for the HR department. I have learnt a lot about databases which is a skill
required by all the departments here and should also help me in the

Terry Barton added: “Chloe is exposed to quite a lot of different types of work here and often has to act on her own initiative. She is bright and intelligent and quite capable of doing everything we give her and as a result has taken on whole areas of responsibility. “Chloe has proved to be a real shining light for the company."

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