Inside Kingdom - New Blue Ribbon Division (every team needs a leader)!

Our new “Blue Ribbon” Team Leader division is a unique collection of leaders incorporated into our contracts to effectively manage the Kingdom security team, combine talent and channel the energy of a team into a single direction.

A winning team is one whose members respect and appreciate each other. They decide their strategy and security tactics together and then put their ideas into practice without anyone seeking more credit than any other.

Great service, team spirit and results are the objective and as important at our site locations as it is within our boardroom.

To provide service excellence our “Blue Ribbon” team are supported with a fantastic infrastructure including:-

· 24/7 access to a department manager for help and guidance

· Dedicated Team Leader training program including Induction and NVQ

· Dedicated division handbook and quality manual

· Dedicated monthly award scheme

· Dedicated Team Leader Web Zone

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