Inside Kingdom - Christmas Parties, Tips & a your Free Christmas Gift from Kingdom!

Quick as a wink and Christmas is here again! To help you through this period Kingdom Security provide some useful festive tips:-

Protection: Book NOW any extra security requirements for your premises or Christmas party (guards, mobile patrols, key holding & response) – 0800 652 5161 or

Call Outs: Ensure your security company has up-to-date callout and contact information

Key Control: Do a key count and create a register of who has access to which areas

Insurance: Ensure insurance policies are up to date

Emergency Systems: Ensure all your systems, alarms, sprinklers or other security equipment is in good working order

Additional Staff: If you’re taking on additional staff, carry out thorough background checks and provide adequate training

Cash: Remove from the premises

Staff Welfare: Ensure any staff working over the shut down period have access to the legal welfare requirements

The Christmas Party

UK legislation is clear: your office party is an extension of your normal work environment and the company may still be liable for potential claims.

During the festivities employers still have a duty of care to safeguard the health, safety and wellbeing of employees. Whilst no one wants to be seen as trying to prevent people from enjoying themselves it is important that employers are not deemed to be encouraging or condoning inappropriate conduct. If for example, the excessive consumption of alcohol is encouraged, or indeed not dissuaded, it can make it very difficult to then take disciplinary action for events that occur as a direct or indirect result of the effects of being under the influence.

The office Christmas party has come under close scrutiny in recent years, with emerging litigation a hitting the headlines such as:-

· Harassment (inc sexual)

· Discrimination

· Inappropriate comments

· Damage to Company property

· Violent Conduct:


Useful Christmas Party Tips:-

Code of Conduct: Reiterate / provide in written format behavioural guidelines

Alcohol & Drugs: Clearly communicate the company policy regarding alcohol and substance misuse, in particular the consequences of attending work under the influence of alcohol

Free Drinks: If providing free drinks this should be done in moderation and there should be an equally readily accessible provision of soft drinks and water.

Excessive Alcohol: You have a duty of care to ensure staff do not drive home. It is therefore advise to provide staff with some local Taxi firm and hotel numbers.

Chit Chat: Advise your managers to avoid discussing employment contractual matters like salary, promotion or prospects in an informal setting, as the expectations created by these will be binding, even if the managers don’t recall the conversation.

Insurance: Consider taking out Employment Practices Liability Insurance. This should cover legal costs in the event that a discrimination claim is brought against you this season.


Kingdoms Gift to YOU!

And after all the humbug above and darkening of any Christmas spirit you may have had, we here at Kingdom feel we need to offer you a pick me up Christmas gift! Did you know that parties costing £150 or less per head are actually tax-efficient? This counts for spouses as well, and includes VAT as well as any transport or lodging provided by the company. It's important to note that this tax break only applies to an annual Christmas party that is open to staff generally, and only for the amount above. If the cost exceeds £150 per head, HMRC has advised that the employees (and by inference the employer) will be taxed on the whole amount, not merely the excess over £150.

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