HSE statistics show increase in work based violence - Empower your staff!

The Health and Safety Executive recorded a 12% increase in abuse and assault of workers by the general public in their British Crime Survey for 2009. The report shows over 176,000 workers in England and Wales were threatened with physical violence whilst at work and 168,000 were physically assaulted over the same period.

Trends no longer suggest it is it a certain industry sector that suffers exclusively. The recession has undoubtedly been a key reason for the rise in physical assaults. Greater levels of stress and a rise in activities such as shoplifting have led to an increase in violence against workers.

Empower your staff through tailored conflict management training:

One thing is clear; you cannot prevent conflict situations arising; however all employers have a duty of care towards their staff in line with the role they are expected to carry out.

Kingdom provide standard, bespoke, and refresher Conflict Management Training courses. These empower a workforce to deal with conflict situations better so a more positive outcome can be reached where possible. This will potentially save an organisation considerable sums of money from reducing low productivity caused by stress, the cost of recruitment & staff-churn, sick-pay - it's also worth considering that the HSE estimate a single physical assault to cost a business in excess of £20,000.

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