Team Handbook Reminders

Breach of any of the below may result in disciplinary sanctions not excluding dismissal

SECURITY BASE LIGHTS: Do not turn off security base lights as it gives the impression of the site being unmanned - use desk lights should glare inhibit external viewing

CONFIDENTIALITY: Loose talk to customers without facts or substantiated data can cause unnecessary conflict and confusion - please always refer to Kingdom National Support Centre

PERSONAL SECURITY: On multi manned sites always monitor / watch your patrol guards safety via CCTV / general vigilance etc - maintain regular contact at all times

PERSONAL EQUIPMENT: The use of headphones is forbidden - any found will be confiscated and submitted to Kingdom HQ for personal explanation and collection

TELEPHONE MANNER:  A recent dip sample of calls to gatehouses resulted in poor telephone etiquette,  answer the phone  with the company name, good morning etc, how may I help you.

DRESS CODE: Attend shift in full dress code, smart, crisp and clean - maintain a high level of dress code during shift - do not remove ties, do not use unauthorised headwear, polished shoes etc

LOG BOOKS: Do not fill log books out in advance.

SIA LICENSE: In recent months several employees have had their licences revoked, mainly because the individual failed to tell the SIA of their change of address. It is vitally important that should you move that you tell the SIA as your licence will be revoked. Prior to revocation the SIA will send you a letter (21 days before hand) to allow you to answer and queries they may have. Please leave a forwarding address when you move so you are able to reply, should such a letter be sent. The Company has no alternative but to terminate your employment should your licence be revoked.

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