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Recent Applicant Comments: I have worked for the good, bad and ugly security companies over 17 years and I approached my interview with Kingdom with a rather nonchalant attitude, after all, I saw Kingdom Security as just another security company, offering just another security position. However, to my surprise as I entered my interview I quickly realised I was not just dealing with an average company just content with recruiting a security officer for the sake of a contract. I was greeted by Mr Patrick Walsh (Recruitment Manager) and handed a very comprehensive and professional interview information pack followed by one on one meeting with Mr Walsh who had specific, detailed questions ready to fire in my direction. It certainly was a memorable experience, especially since I had been use to nothing more than informal chats and immediate signing of contracts. I was relieved at making it to the end of what I thought was the first and final stage of the recruitment procedure. Only I was mistaken, and was informed that I would be invited to a second stage, which would include a security test an assessment and having to be approved by the client, site supervisor and the security team!

JP Rawson (officer 1163)

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