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The Kingdom STAFF Newsletter (The Messenger) is now available to download via our website.

We strive to be the best industry employer, partly achieved by excellent communication.

Staff can now send a message via the Messenger. The "Need our Assistance" section is word trigger sensitive and any staff request will be delivered automatically to the relevant department within the Kingdom National Support Centre to receive a swift response.

The Messenger is released on the 15th of each calendar month and includes articles such as: -

  • Inside Kingdomkeeps you posted on our success stories

  • Staff Zone                                                                                  
  • Welcome to Kingdom (new staff & internal appointments)
  • Staff Awards & Commendations

  • Learning Zoneimprove your industry knowledge
  • Team Handbook Reminders

  • Need Our Assistance

          - Report an incident

          - Order a log book or uniform

          - Submit a pay, shift or welfare issue, holiday request, sales lead

            or provide staff magazine content or readership feedback.

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