Inside Kingdom - Merry Christmas from the Kingdom Team & look what we got for Christmas

We thought 2008 was busy but 2009 was probably the busiest year in the history of Kingdom.

Thank you for being a Kingdom customer in 2009 and we look forward to continuing our partnership with you in the future and everyone having a very prosperous 2010.

The January 2010 newsletter edition will reflect in the Kingdom year that was.

Have a magical Christmas from the Kingdom team.

Terry Barton BA (Hons) Law

Managing Director


2009 Kingdom National Support Centre
Christmas Party


Father Christmas brought us a
new fleet of Mobile Patrol Vehicles

Mobile Patrol Service

  • 2009: Provided over 100,000 patrol visits UK wide and attended 3,120 alarm activations
  • Set or roving mobile patrols including “walk and check” functions.
  • High profile, uniformed Officers will visit and inspect premises at agreed frequencies
  • Premises physically patrolled / checked for damage or intrusion and ensure secured
  • Patrol attendance and accurate data provided (manual or IT generated reports)
  • Vehicles Company marked or covert
  • Patrols can be armed with a digital camera for incident management and satellite navigation and tracking systems
  • We employ local staff to respond and our response times are area zoned (North, West, South, East and London) and provide contract response KPIs “Target v Actual”
  • CONTACT 0800 652 5161 to discuss this service with one of our security professionals
kingdom cars
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