Inside Kingdom - E Learning (Download Demonstration)

Training for the Future For the last couple of months we have been getting quite excited about our new and innovative "E Learning Security Awareness Training" which is available to our customers, their staff and Kingdom employees. A demonstration is now available to download at:- Our customers have the independence to select which areas of awareness training their own staff can access and to add and tailor sections to meet their own unique working practices (search policy, dealing with confrontation, site policies, customer care etc). The master user e.g. HR Dept simply assign a username and password to each member of staff. Staff then simply login online and undertake awareness training with their progress tracked. Staff are tested at the end of each section and pass and fail rates are easily monitored via the reporting system. This unique way of working and training partnership demonstrates Kingdom’s commitment to training and collaborating closely with our customers to create an aware workforce and workplace for everyone. To discuss further please contact Mark Wallace (Senior Operating Executive) on 0800 652 5161 Rate this posting:

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