Just how worried should we be about the threat from the New IRA?

The unexploded car bomb found on the 1st June
A recent car bomb incident in east Belfast underscores the continued threat from the New IRA. The republic dissident group claimed responsibility for a failed car bomb on the 1st June, found planted under a police officer’s car at the Shandon Park Golf Club. Police described the explosive device as “viable” and “sophisticated", noting it had a motion-activated mercury tilt switch and contained about 680g of TNT. Bomb disposal experts were able to defuse the device without casualties.
This recent incident illustrates the New IRAs determination to commit terrorist acts and comes on the heels of the letter / parcel bombs sent to Waterloo station, London City Airport, Heathrow and the University of Glasgow back in March and the shooting of journalist Lyra McKee in April.
The group has hinted at further acts “which should not be underestimated”, and some focus has been placed around the potential for further police officers in Belfast to be targeted.
The Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC) continues to report the threat level for Northern-Ireland related terrorism attacks as ‘Moderate’ which means an attack is possible but not likely. However, we cannot be complacent and must remember that it is communities that defeat terrorism and if you see anything suspicious then report it to your local police or the Anti-Terrorism hotline on 0800 789321.
Remember to ACT, Action Counters Terrorism.

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90 Second Read - Security Update

Fake Apple Telephone Support Warning

Apple users are being warned about a telephone phishing scam (known as ‘Vishing’) that involves users being falsely alerted to a possible data breach by an ‘Apple Support Agent’. If a call is answered and the victim follows an automated instruction to press ‘1’ to talk to support staff, the scammers hope that the victim will then divulge sensitive Apple ID account information.

The scam is made to appear realistic on Apple devices by using a spoofing technique that identifies the caller as ‘Apple Customer Service’ or ‘AppleCare’. On other devices the caller appears as either ‘1 (800) MYAPPLE’ or 800-275-2273. The actual origin of the call is a malicious number that advises victims to call an 866 number for assistance. Whichever call method is used, the victim will be encouraged to provide account details.

Apple is advising users to be particularly vigilant, but they are also planning to include an update to iOS 13 that detects unknown calls and directs them straight to voicemail. If any users have experienced this scam and accidently engaged with a call, it is recommended that they reset their Apple ID and iCloud passwords at the earliest opportunity.
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Ten top tips to prevent cargo crime

Written by Andy Ellis, Business Development Manager

History books and popular fiction tell glamorous tales of bandits robbing stagecoaches and merchants being attacked on the road, while pirates have made their presence felt on the sea. And as children we’ve all played our own versions of Jack Sparrow or Robin Hood – it’s all harmless fun, right? Now put yourself in the shoes of the truck driver who has just been held at gunpoint for his cargo of sportswear. Still fun? 

In truth it’s not just the truck drivers themselves that suffer as a result of cargo crime. TAPA (the Transported Asset Protection Association) report that “the repercussions of cargo theft can be devastating. Loss of sales... liability, product contamination and recall, as well as brand equity damage may result from a single incident of cargo tampering or loss”. These repercussions apply to both the manufacturer and the logistics firms tasked with transporting goods across the country and ultimately, it affects the prices we all pay on the high street. 

It’s not just on the road that the transportation sector feels the pinch. Vulnerabilities exist across the sector including shipping and warehousing where targets include ports, borders and transportation hubs. So what steps can you take to mitigate the risk of losses? 

Loss prevention tactics 
  1. Check that lighting, backup generators, alarm systems, surveillance equipment and perimeter fencing are all in good working order. 
  2. Operate strict key control of all equipment including trucks, motorised pallet jacks and forklifts. 
  3. Ensure that every single alarm activation is responded to (see our previous blog for more about this) as criminals will often activate alarms multiple times to imitate malfunctioning systems. 
  4. Document all suspicious activity, no matter how small or insignificant it seems and ensure that it’s reported to management and whoever has responsibility for loss prevention in your business. 
  5. Request extra security patrols during times when facilities may be unoccupied, such as weekends and bank holidays. 
  6. Keep an accurate log of registration plate details along with VINs and descriptions of all vehicles including tractors, trailers, containers and container chassis. Make this available to management, security and drivers so that the information can be readily shared in the event of a robbery. 
  7. Secure all vehicles with high-quality locking devices and steering column locks.  
  8. For soft-sided trailers use slash-resistant tarpaulins, secure tarpaulins with cables and padlocks. 
  9. Install light sensors inside trailers to alert drivers to potential thefts. 
  10. Agree on secure stopping locations en-route, and check cargo when stopping and before setting off again. 
For more tips on maintaining the security of your supply chain, email to request your free security audit. 
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Kingdom Services Group Champions Women’s Safety in the City

Kingdom Services Group Champions Women’s Safety in the City 
Business is one of first to support the London Mayor’s Women’s Night Safety Charter 

Kingdom Services Group has pledged their support for the London Mayor’s Women’s Night Safety Charter. 

Launched by the Mayor’s Night Czar, Amy Lamé, it aims to make London a City where all women feel confident and welcome at night. 

It is asking businesses who operate during the night to sign-up to some simple pledges including; 
  • Nominate a champion to actively promote women’s night safety 
  • Demonstrate to staff and customers that we take women’s safety at night seriously 
  • Remind customers and staff that London is safe, but tell them what to do if they experience harassment when working, going out or travelling 
  • Encourage reporting by victims and bystanders 
  • Train staff to ensure that all women who report are believed 
  • Train staff to ensure that all reports are recorded and responded to 
  • Design public and work places to make them safer for women at night. 

Andrew Howe, Head of Risk and Mitigation at Kingdom Services Group says "Personal safety for all is a key area of concern for Kingdom Services Group so we're delighted to be signing up to this initiative ahead of it's formal launch. We are in the process of developing training and communications programmes to share with all employees across the Group promoting personal safety, and in particular for women during the night. At the heart of our recommendations will be the obvious, but often forgotten, tips on keeping safe including; 
  • Maintaining spatial awareness, not listening to music or calls with earphones 
  • Where possible, staying in well-lit and populated areas 
  • Only use accredited transport 
  • Let people know your plans 
  • Remain drink aware 
  • Allow friends/family to access your ‘find your phone’ app 

The initiative is to be formally launched on 19th July at City Hall, The Queen's Walk, London, SE1 2AA. 

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How to ensure your personal safety when your business alarm is activated out of hours

Written by Sean Pennington, National Mobile Manager

How often do you get to the end of the day (or week), lock up and head home without giving the security of your business a second thought? After all, you’ve checked all the windows were shut, set the alarm and locked the door so it’s safe as houses right? Unfortunately not. Even the most securely locked premises are at risk when they’re unmanned. 

If you’re the person responsible for security and your alarms are activated out of hours, have you really considered your responsibilities? Will you have to visit your premises to determine exactly why the alarms are sounding?  And if so, what will you find when you get there?  In this blog we look at several possibilities for alarms being activated out of hours.  While it could be something as minor and trivial as a sudden gust of wind activating a sensor, it could also easily be something sinister and potentially dangerous.  You’ll need to have a plan in place for both.

Adverse weather conditions and flooding 

Climate change has resulted in abnormal weather patterns. Increased levels of rainfall, flood damage, and gale force winds all bring their own risks to property and can activate alarms in doing so.

Flooding can easily affect electrical circuits, cause drainage and sewerage systems to overflow and result in significant structural damage.  Similarly, adverse weather conditions can lead to burst pipes and unwanted rodents seeking refuge.


Although the majority of fires within commercial premises occur as a result of faulty electrics or overloading of circuits, unmanned properties are vulnerable to arson attacks. Fires can spread incredibly quickly, cause major damage and have severe financial repercussions.  It’s vital to respond to the threat of fire immediately.


Unwanted intruders or squatters could easily activate alarms while gaining entry to your premises.  Having squatters in your premises leads to a range of issues, including criminal damage and theft - as well as the likelihood of exhibiting challenging behaviour if confronted.  Could you deal with this?     
Are you putting either yourself or your staff at risk?

Responding to out of hours alarm activation may bring its own dangers to personal safety. Questions you ought to ask in determining the risk here include:

  • Is your premises in an isolated area?  
  • Is it close to pubs, clubs or areas where large numbers of people may congregate?  
  • Do you consider the area safe enough to visit unaccompanied in the middle of the night? 

Health and Safety is an important element to bear in mind here.  Employers have a duty of care towards the health, safety, security and wellbeing of members of staff and legislation such as the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 must be fully complied with.

What can you do to mitigate risks and ensure staff are protected?

One of the best ways of mitigating the risks of attending out of hours alarm activations is to outsource to a third party provider. Such providers are trained to deal with the worst potential outcomes of an alarm activation and will liaise with key personnel within your business and external agencies (such as the police) when an alarm activation requires it. We'll also board up your property if there has been damage done - whether as a result of adverse weather conditions, or malicious intent. Combining alarm response services with regular mobile patrols of your premises also reduces the risk that your premises becomes a target for the unscrupulous.

We at Kingdom believe the peace of mind, reassurance and convenience of our comprehensive response solutions are priceless in comparison to the disadvantages, risks, inconvenience and stress involved in having to personally respond to out of hours alarm calls. We have many years of experience in providing an extensive key holding and emergency response service for a range of public and private sector organisations including government institutions, housing authority stock, commercial enterprises and manufacturing outlets.  It’s a completely bespoke offering, geared to your individual level of risk, size and the complexity of your premises. For more information, take a look at our keyholding and emergency response webpage or call 01744 815936 option 2.

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The importance of Corporate Social Responsibility in business

Corporate social responsibility, often known as CSR, describes the approach and policies a business adopts to address and improve social, cultural and environmental issues.  It’s a concept which has risen in prominence during recent years – CSR models promote innovation, change and progress, whilst benefiting those who are less privileged and fortunate than ourselves.

From a personnel perspective, corporate social responsibility gives employees opportunities to contribute towards local initiatives or environmental issues, creating a sense of purpose, developing bonds, strengthening relationships and an overall sense of wellbeing.   

The importance of Corporate Social Responsibility 

An effective CSR policy has advantages to businesses, employees and wider society and is vital to success. Organisations which fail to promote CSR run the risk of being considered unethical - their reputation suffers, and their profit levels decrease.  Nowadays consumers prefer to buy from companies that follow ethical practices that mirror their own beliefs and ideals which is why corporate social responsibility makes good business sense.

Today’s millennials are also selecting to work for companies with strong CSR values.  A recent survey undertaken by Deloitte found that over 70 per cent of millennials acknowledged that a company’s CSR policy influenced their decision to work there.  They want to play their part in social and environmental change – they want to make a difference.  In order to attract and retain talent, companies must therefore embrace CSR.

Benefits of successful Corporate Social Responsibility 

So what are the real benefits of CSR and why should businesses like yours take the time to establish CSR initiatives?

  • Reputation – People judge businesses by their public image.  Any business which actively encourages its colleagues to volunteer and support local events will be seen as being committed to helping others.  This goes a long way in helping to build a good reputation and appealing to prospective employees and customers alike. 
  • Brand awareness - Hand in hand with building a good reputation is brand awareness.  Word of mouth travels fast, and as more people become aware of your brand the number of business opportunities available to you increase.
  • Competitive edge – Making a positive effort to engage in CSR initiatives is a great way to stand out from the crowd and gain a competitive edge.
  • Potential cost savings - The war on waste and the detrimental effects of excess packaging is an area where adopting simple changes aligned to the four R’s of sustainability - recycling, reusing, reducing and recovering – are likely to result in significant long-term cost savings.
  • Benefits for employees – Employees like working for ethical businesses.  Enabling them to take part in local initiatives also gives them a greater sense of purpose and satisfaction in knowing their contributions are valued.  Natural team bonding occurs, friendships are enhanced, confidence levels are increased, and employees learn new skills and talents.  

Corporate social responsibility is gaining recognition as a vital element of commercial life as opposed to being merely a passing trend or fad.  Businesses which stay relevant to the demands of their employees, have a passion for increasing the lives of the underprivileged and actively seek to gain credibility as responsible ethical members of the community will ultimately reap the benefits of their CSR policies.

In today’s economic climate, the more relevant and appropriate question would surely be - can your business really afford not to embrace corporate social responsibility?       

What CSR initiatives does Kingdom operate? 

Our commitment to the local community is at the heart of what we do. Not only do we like to recruit local talent, but we’re actively involved with Wigan Athletic and Wigan Youth Zone to give “young people with somewhere to go, something to do and someone to talk to”.

Our colleagues are also encouraged to give something back to the community through charitable giving. Our team participate in everything from eye-watering feats of physical endurance such as Iron Man competitions to donating Saturday afternoons to read to the elderly in care homes. Our CEO Terry ran the Manchester 10k this year with his son, Rob, to raise money for Ovarian Cancer.

The environment is also something that is close to Kingdom’s heart and we’ve joined forces with Clean Up Britain to help promote green messages and actions across the UK.

So how do you build your own plan for CSR?

There are no hard and fast rules for this – but here are four tips to get you started:

  1. Look at what’s close to your heart, whether its charitable giving, the environment or social causes and figure out what you could do in support of these. The chances are you already are doing something that falls under the CSR label, it’s just not been formalised into a CSR programme. 
  2. Ask your team what gets their blood pumping and give them ownership of the programme (perhaps through a social and charities committee) to maximise engagement.  
  3. Develop a 12 month plan of activity and keep it light – nobody likes to be forced into doing anything.  
  4. Just get started – it’ll soon become second nature.  

For more information about Kingdom, our commitment to CSR and the services we offer visit Rate this posting:

The Impact of Technology on Retail Security

Prevention is better than cure. The adage may be a favourite of mum’s worldwide but it’s equally relevant to business, especially in this age of constant technological advancement.

In this post we consider whether the retail industry has enough systems in place to deal with the changing face of crime within the sector.  How will technological changes affect retailers approach to crime? Can they respond effectively and how will dedicated security providers, such as Kingdom, assist in the war against crime?

Fighting crime in a digital era

Digitalisation has transformed the retail sector. Online shopping transactions via smartphones, tablets and computers have seen significant growth over the last decade.  To keep pace with rising demand and competition, retailers know that the future of shopping relies on up-to-date technology.

Unfortunately, as well as increasing commercial opportunities, digitalisation also brings associated risks and threats through changes in consumer behaviour.  Consumers now share vast amounts of personal data with retailers, enabling a better customer experience and providing essential information for retailers from a marketing perspective - but the flip side of the coin is the increased need for data security. While GDPR is outside of the scope of this blog, the fact remains that retailers need robust security measures to manage this increased data.

In store, the introduction of self-scanning checkouts has resulted in a need for sophisticated security systems.  Labels can be swapped for cheaper goods and items may not be scanned – there’s a new kind of shoplifter, one who is tech savvy and knows how to bypass the systems.

And then there’s the potential for a wider security breach. A DDoS attack or systems hack could affect thousands of transactions, decline payments and cause widespread disruption to customers and your business at a practical level – and that’s before you consider the potential brand damage that could result.

Dealing with the challenges

So how should you tackle the challenges presented by technological advancements in retail?

Firstly, you need to identify your assets.  For example, stock, point of sale machines, websites, customer data, etc.  From here, you need to be able to secure them according to need – configuring device security settings, maintaining secure passwords, ensuring firewalls and anti-virus software are regularly patched to counteract hacking and phishing, extra layers of security to verify transactions, and educating personnel in how to spot potential threats and the correct procedures in dealing with them.

Secondly, remember to have adequate back-up systems in place.  Recovering from any data breach means recovering information.  Reliable, secure back-up systems will keep potential downtime and losses to a minimum. 


Investment in security should never be considered as a one-off fix.  As threats become more complex and sophisticated, all organisations will need higher levels of security within their infrastructure in order to keep premises, data and systems secure.

Call in the experts

Staying ahead of cybercrime techniques, maintaining security systems and continually being aware of threats is an extremely challenging task for both small and large organisations.   To fully assess your specific needs and vulnerabilities, the expertise of industry experts is crucial.

Kingdom have a dedicated intelligence led service which is tailor made to detect and respond to individual threats.  Our personnel are experts in the security field, many have background experience within Intelligence Services and all are fully trained and equipped to offer the best in physical, information and security systems.  Our systems are compliant with legal and insurance regulations and will provide complete protection against criminal activity.  Kingdom give you peace of mind – and in today’s uncertain world, that’s a priceless investment.

To find out more about the security expertise we can bring to your retail business, contact us on 01744 697596 or email The below video and links also provide detail on the wide range of services we can offer your retail business.

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How apprenticeships can transform your business

Apprenticeships used to be the only way for young people to learn a skills-based trade or get into particular industries. This is no longer the case with many employers now using apprenticeships for learners aged 18 to 65 to help develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours of their existing workforce.

However, a majority of employers perhaps do not recognise the huge benefits and opportunities that apprenticeships present. The new employer-led Standards are sector specific and set the benchmark for the required skills, knowledge and behaviours for given roles within your business. Skills Centre will be able to develop an apprenticeship delivery model around your specific organisational needs. With the behaviours and wider soft-skills development, it is the whole person approach of an apprenticeship that sets it apart from a straight classroom/assignment qualification model. Skill Centre use a blended learning method - each learner is assigned one of our assessor-coaches who supports them through their journey. Learners will also have access to our e-learning platform that is revolutionising learning.

Who is Skill Centre?

Skill Centre
Skill Centre is an independent training provider owned by Kingdom Services Group. We're on the Government Register of Training Organisations and the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers and is using Kingdom's levy and other public funding to deliver the standards and qualifications that our business needs.

We deliver outstanding technical and professional learning, creating career pathways for all employees and giving them the best opportunities to develop their knowledge, skills and personal abilities.

Whether you're a levy-payer in danger of losing your investment to HMRC, or an organisation that wants to train but doesn't know where to start, we'll be happy to help you develop a training programme that engages your workforce and transforms your business. More details about Skill Centre can be found online or by speaking to Jon or Hannah on 0845 225 1572. Rate this posting:

Kingdom secure UK Government framework success

Multi award-winning services provider, Kingdom Services Group Ltd, have become part of the Government and Public Sector supply chain.

Following a successful engagement with Government business specialists, GovData, Kingdom received confirmation from the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) regarding their contract award to become a supplier on the Workplace Services (FM Marketplace Phase 2) framework. The contract is used throughout the Public Sector in Central and Local Government, Defence, Education, Health and Justice organisations to provide access to pre-approved suppliers for the full range of soft and hard facilities management services.

Kingdom is one of Britain’s fastest growing companies, specialising in security solutions and facilities management and a top 10 UK accredited market provider.  The Group also sits within the top 0.5% of ACS-approved contractors in the UK. 

Kingdom COO, Mark Wallace said, “The business has grown significantly over recent years and we have built up an enviable reputation based on high standards, good ethics and best practice. Our vision is to be the forerunner in innovation and positive change within the security industry.  As part of this ambition we identified Government and the wider Public Sector as a potential market but needed to better understand the associated risks and available routes to market.  This led us into detailed conversations with GovData, who advised us regarding the framework process as a channel for supplying goods and services to Government and the Public Sector.”

Such is the importance that Kingdom places on ethics, that the business undergoes regular customer ethical audits, which have received recognition and awards.

Supporting people inside and outside of the business is fundamental to the Kingdom ethos.  There is significant in investment in technology and infrastructure, but much of this is channelled into the development of colleagues as part of a sustainable and sound financial model.  This is complimented with a range of social value initiatives, that support charities and the local community.

Ethics and social value play an important role in modern day procurement, as does pricing transparency and value.

Kingdom COO Mark Wallace added, “The framework process ensures that organisations are rightly vetted and authorised to become Government suppliers, which drives value and standards in the supply chain.  This aligns completely with our own ethos to adopt new technologies to help our customers benefit from a streamlined, cost effective, smarter and more connected way of working.”

Reflecting on the framework submission process Mark Wallace went on to say, “It was important that we did our homework before committing to our framework submission.  Utilising the end to end submission services of GovData enabled us to benefit from their extensive procurement expertise and this played a large part in our success in getting on to the Workplace Services (FM Marketplace Phase 2) framework.”

Kingdoms investment in GovData’s services has strengthened their position in the Government and Public Sector space and leaves them well placed to capitalise on a range of market opportunities.

Chris Hugo, CEO for GovData, “Businesses such as Kingdom are eager to break into the Government and Public Sector marketplace but require advice and guidance to maximise their chances of success.  GovData provide specialist expertise ensuring companies take advantage of the £378 billion spent each year on goods and services in the Public Sector. Having successfully managed framework submissions for hundreds of businesses across a wide range of industries, we were able to use our extensive experience to secure Kingdom a place on the Workplace Services (FM Marketplace Phase 2) framework.”

If you would like to find out more about the various services Kingdom offers watch the video or take a look at any of the following links:

Or, if you prefer, please call 0845 051 7700.

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Kingdom retains Health & Safety accreditation

Kingdom is once again delighted to have achieved the Certificate of Health & Safety accreditation from Acclaim Accreditation, which is backed and assured by Supplier Assessment Services.

Acclaim Accreditation is a member of Safety Systems in Procurement (SSIP) and supports the objectives of improving health and safety standards across the UK while also reducing duplication of paperwork in procurement.

Kingdom's most recent accreditation further confirms their commitment to the highest health and safety standards. Kingdom remains steadfast in its commitment to quality (C2Q) by embracing five key components: Safety, Health, Environment, Service and Outcomes.

If you would like to find out more about the various services Kingdom offers watch the video or take a look at any of the following links:

Or, if you prefer, please call 0845 051 7700.

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The City Security Council

Kingdom is delighted to announce that it is one of the founding members of the City Security Council, an initiative which has been set up to support anti-terror efforts in the City of London. The City Security Council will work with the local police to help people feel safer in their surroundings by ensuring swifter communication, the sharing of intelligence/information, and providing backup security personnel in times of crisis.

The launch event was held on the 29th May at the Leadenhall Building and was attended by senior members of all 18 of the founding security companies. This demonstrates the collective commitment to supporting the Square Mile. Speaking on counter-terrorism efforts at the event were David Ward (Chair of the CSC Strategic Board), Ian Dyson (Commissioner of the City of London Police) and David Evans, CEO of Global Aware.

Andrew Howe, Head of Risk & Mitigation at Kingdom, said "I look forward to working collaboratively with the CSC and the City of London Police as Kingdom's liaison, providing rapid communications during fast-moving incidents. The live testing exercises and enhanced levels of training for security officers that the CSC will look to provide will ultimately contribute to a safer environment for the City of London."

CEO Terry Barton said, "I'm happy to sign Kingdom up to this initiative to help support in times of crisis. The additional security presence by providing security personnel when incidents occur will release police officers to do what they do best in keeping the community safe."

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Manned Security - What Are The Benefits?

Ensuring that your property is safe and secure is critical. Incidents of burglary, theft, arson, criminal damage and trespass are all too familiar in today’s day and age. Sad though it may seem, CCTV systems and modern technologies don’t always serve as effective deterrents. Besides, having the technology available to monitor, detect or even view a security breach as it occurs, is surely of little comfort when you may not be able to physically get there and deal with the problems quickly.

At Kingdom. we believe that good old fashioned physical security is essential. It keeps your premises secure when unoccupied and ensures that potential emergency situations are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Additionally, having manned security gives peace of mind and reassurance. You know that should there be any safety or security issues, fully equipped and trained personnel are already on site ready to act without delay.

Let’s take a further look into manned guarding, discover its many benefits and demonstrate how Kingdom can provide security protection solutions for your premises, personnel or brand.

What is manned guarding?

Manned guarding provides professional, experienced, trustworthy security personnel to maintain security for your premises. It’s an on the spot presence guarding against unauthorised access, destruction, damage and theft whilst also protecting individuals from the likelihood of assault or injury.

Who would benefit from a manned guard security service?

Commercial premises of all sizes regularly benefit from having manned security on site.

Kingdom continually provide tailor made security solutions for all sectors of industry and all sizes of business. Manufacturing and logistics warehousing, shopping centres, industrial sites, ports, shipping, oil and gas industries, vacant and derelict sites awaiting refurbishment – the list really is endless. Kingdom provide cost effective, appropriate accredited safeguarding solutions which reflect the key areas of security concern and specific threats our customers face.

What are the main advantages of manned security?

The main advantage of manned security is a physical presence on site ready and equipped to deal with both security issues and emergency situations. Fully trained, accredited and equipped security personnel are a front line in defence – they’re often able to detect sounds or sights before they’re picked up by technological security equipment and can deal with issues before they get out of hand.

Coupled with this, the human factor gives extra peace of mind. Our customers are greatly reassured by the physical presence of manned security. After all, a friendly smile and greeting from a security guard is far more inspiring than a faceless, security camera.

Having manned security for your premises gives you access to a wide range of extra security procedures. Reception duties, regular patrols, gate control, bag searches, liaising with emergency services in the event of an incident, for example, are all important measures when safeguarding commercial buildings, governmental establishments, retail environments, public events, etc.

Kingdom fully embrace the culture and demographic of your specific requirements and provide cost effective solutions designed to respond to those needs.

What to consider when selecting manned security services?

First and foremost, accreditation and reputation. It’s important to appoint security services who can demonstrate a high calibre of expertise, have many years of relevant sector experience and are dedicated to providing a professional service in accordance with regulatory guidelines.

Kingdom are passionate about our commitment to quality. Our awards, accreditations and public memberships pay testament to this and we’re deservedly proud of the achievements of our team - Awards, Accreditations and Memberships

We also believe that, where possible, hiring a locally based security company provides great benefits. They have in depth knowledge of the area and are likely to have established relationships with local Fire, Police, Ambulance and Emergency crews.

Kingdom provide comprehensive security services to industries across the Cheshire region and beyond. All our personnel are highly skilled and personally selected. We guarantee the right people for your job.

If you would like to find out more about the various services Kingdom offers be sure to take a look at our;

Or, if you prefer, please call 0845 051 7700

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Improve Your Front of House Service

Your front of house team is the face of your business and your brand. As such, it’s important they portray the correct image in delivering excellent customer service and extending a warm welcome to all your guests.

First impressions count. Front of house staff act as brand ambassadors, endorsing your company ethos and culture. They must, at all times, ensure each visitor experience is memorable for the right reasons.

At Kingdom, our number one objective is to take care of your brand, your company, your image. We consider ourselves to be an extension of your business and we take great pride in providing tailor made reception and concierge services planned and designed around your organisation and brand.

Reception and Front of House

Kingdom provide a wide array of reception and front of house services specifically designed to create that warm, welcoming atmosphere your guests expect and deserve. We recognise that sometimes it’s the simplest of things, the finishing touches which make the biggest impact – a complimentary newspaper, fresh flowers attractively presented brightening up reception, a welcoming coffee, perhaps. These are the things which make a difference, the things which you give you the edge over your competitors.

Our professional, fully trained and equipped front of house service provide:

  • A tailor made, dedicated five-star service
  • A safe, secure, warm and friendly atmosphere for your staff, visitors and customers
  • Effective team working and first class collaboration
  • An ability to react and respond to customer demands

At Kingdom we go the extra mile to ensure our personnel reflect your company ethos and corporate values whilst adapting to the growing needs of your business. Trained to adopt a totally proactive approach in all aspects of their roles, our personnel also exhibit a team mentality and collaborate effectively. Whether they’re answering telephones, greeting guests or providing security, professionalism is key and attention to detail assured.

All our individuals are fully trained in communication techniques. We also provide in depth security awareness to complement any in situ guarding operations or alternatively comprehensive manned guarding solutions. Our personnel are impeccably presented at all times, wearing attire to suit individual customer requirements.

Concierge Services

While concierge services vary according to the size of an organisation and the nature of their business, their objectives always remain the same – to save you precious time, free up your resources and add value.

Kingdom also offer an extensive range of concierge services, tailor made to match individual niche requirements. From discounted theatre tickets, chauffeur services, booking flights and accommodation, dry cleaning to recommending restaurants and local places to visit, our team of concierge professionals take time to understand your business, your locality and your clients. This enables us to be flexible, yet proactive – reacting to the changing needs of your industry sector and clients.

Corporate Helpdesks

A third equally important service to improve your front of house service is through a corporate help desk facility designed to support your organisation with meeting room management, call and email handling and general administrative duties.

Kingdom recognise the importance of these three facets of a concierge service to your business, recruiting high calibre personnel selected for their suitability. All our personnel carry out their tasks diligently, professionally and have specialist expertise and experience to adapt and react to priorities and emergency situations.

If you would like to find out more about the various services Kingdom offers be sure to take a look at our;

Or, if you prefer, please call 0845 051 7700

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