Mobile Patrol Supervisor helps catch vandal

mobile-patrols-oneOne of Kingdom’s mobile patrol supervisors recently helped to catch a vandal at iQ Bristol, student accommodation in Bristol where Kingdom provides static guarding and mobile patrols of the premises and car parks.

Charles Edwards was carrying out a routine patrol of the car park at the site when he heard a commotion and attended to ascertain what the problem was. Upon his arrival he found that an act of criminal damage has been carried out on someone else’s vehicle.

He called the police, providing them with a description and directions, and with that information they were able to apprehend the person who had caused the damage. Well done to Charles!

Kingdom’s mobile patrol, lock and unlock service provides a cost-effective solution for low risk sites. Kingdom completes over 93,000 mobile visits per year, with its UK wide mobile patrol service providing an efficient and visible deterrent. Kingdom can provide pre-determined or roving mobile patrols, which range from a simple visual drive-by to a full walk and check or lock and unlock function.

Kingdom employs local people will local knowledge and all of their mobile patrol personnel are Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed, uniformed and trained. Kingdom’s vehicle fleet is Kingdom branded and fully equipped to visit and inspect your premises at agreed frequencies and physically patrol and check for damage or intrusion or to lock or unlock your premises.

Click here to visit Kingdom’s website for more information about their mobile patrol services.

Kingdom’s Environmental Protection success is front page news in Havant

Havant NewsKingdom’s Environmental Protection division was delighted to read the front page headline “2,300 litter louts fined £75 in just six months” in the Havant & Waterlooville version of The News on Friday 17th October.

The sub headline said “council welcomes the success of crackdown” which it then followed by saying:

“Hundreds of litterbugs have been fined in the first six months of a clampdown. So far, about £120,000 has been collected in penalties as about 70 per cent of the fines have been paid. Havant Borough Council says money is not the issue as the cash goes to the scheme, and not into council coffers. Cllr Tony Briggs said: ‘What’s important is we are cleaning up the borough.’”

Kingdom has been providing environmental protection services to Havant Borough Council since May this year, and is delighted that as a result of the successes so far, the initial contract with the council has been extended by another six months.

The frontpage story was followed by a full story on page 4 of the paper, with the headline “Zero tolerance on litter sees 2,300 fines dished out” and the sub headline “council says clampdown will continue as contract with company is extended”. The full article, which can be read online here, goes on to say:

“Almost 2,300 fines have been given out in under six months for dropping cigarette butts and rubbish and dog fouling. And Havant Borough Council’s zero tolerance approach to littering appears to be working – with some traders saying the streets are looking cleaner.

The scheme, launched in May, has been such a success that the authority has announced it is extending its contract with Kingdom for another six months. There are currently five people employed by Kingdom to patrol the streets, supported by five council wardens.

A total of 2,280 fines of £75 have been given out – equating to around 13 a day. Of these, 2,209 were given for dropping cigarette ends, 65 for general litter like chewing gum or crisp packets, and six for dog fouling. Seventy per cent of the fines have been paid – estimated, unofficially, to total just under £120,000. This has covered the cost of employing Kingdom. The outstanding fines – around 680 and estimated to be worth about £51,000 – will be sought through the courts.

Councillor Tony Briggs, who heads environment, said none of the cash goes into council coffers and it all goes into employing wardens and the administration costs of pursuing the fines through the courts.

Wendy Lake, manager of La Bonne Baguette in West Street, Havant, said: ‘Havant looks a lot cleaner and a lot tidier. I can honestly say they don’t target the people sitting at my tables. Sometimes if it’s windy a sugar wrapper can fly off and they don’t do anything because they know we will pick it up. It’s a steep fine though. Some poor woman’s kid dropped a balloon and she didn’t go and pick it up – she got fined £75. But it’s making people think twice. I think it’s a good idea.’

But Mike Joines, who owns Zoom Hairdressing in Park Parade, Leigh Park, said there were still lots of cigarette butts on the streets. He said: ‘I would like somebody up here full-time. I don’t think they are up here enough.’

Cllr Briggs told The News: ‘The money is totally unimportant – what’s important is we are cleaning up the borough. It’s not costing the taxpayer a penny because the fines are paying for the service.’ He added that dog fouling would be the next target for the wardens.”

clip_image004Kingdom is very pleased with the results so far, is delighted that the council is happy with the way the initiative is working and that they have extended the contract as a result.

Kingdom is also proud that the efforts of their officers are helping to make the borough’s streets cleaner and safer for residents and visitors alike. As a result of their efforts so far in Havant, the environmental protection team was recently awarded Team of the Month at Kingdom, and are profiled here.

Kingdom’s environmental protection teams are led by experts with an ex-police and military background, and deliver over 130,000 environmental protection hours per year on behalf of local authorities. For more information about Kingdom’s environmental protection services, please visit their website, or read their online brochure.

Kingdom recruitment day

Kingdom are holding a recruitment day on Tuesday 28th Octoberimage at the Premier Inn Hotel in Euston, London to find candidates that are able to fill a number of roles around the country.  

The roles that Kingdom are currently recruiting for are:

  • Reception (Central London): front of house service and support
  • Corporate Security (Central London): full time security, SIA licence essential.
  • Retail/Loss Prevention (national): protection of client assets, patrol, SIA license essential
  • Relief Officers (national): security support, SIA licence essential
  • Mobile response (Southampton, Yorkshire, Aberdeen): protecting assets, mobile patrols, incident response

Kingdom provide a range of services to clients nationwide including security personnel, reception and concierge, environmental protection, mobile patrol and more.  Kingdom employees enjoy an impressive and comprehensive range of employee welfare benefits, as well as being committed to equal opportunities.

If you would like to attend our recruitment day, join us at the Premier Inn Hotel on Duke Street in Euston, between 11am and 4pm.  Alternatively, to find out more email us at or call us on 0845 051 7702.  We look forward to seeing you!

Kingdom improves website navigability

Kingdom's logoKingdom has made some changes to its website in order to make it easier for visitors to navigate.

A new “media” menu has been added to the site’s horizontal navigation bar which runs along the top of every page on the Kingdom website underneath the Kingdom logo, contact numbers and social media links.

Under this new media menu are four subcategories – news, video library, flipbook brochures and corporate social responsibility.

The news page houses Kingdom’s regular blogposts as before, but has been improved so that there are now only six items per page, and buttons linking to “older stories” and “newer stories” towards the bottom of the page allow visitors to easily access and read older blogposts.

The new video library page houses all of Kingdom’s videos, which previously were distributed around the site on the relevant service pages. Whilst they still remain on the relevant service pages, they can now also be watched all in one place.

The flipbook brochures were previously located in the profile menu, and are also still located on the relevant service pages, but all of them can now also be easily viewed in this location.

The corporate social responsibility page is completely new and displays Kingdom’s blogposts relevant to this area, highlighting what Kingdom is doing. Kingdom believes that it is crucial to their core business success to act responsibly as a business, with the highest social, environmental and ethical standards. Kingdom wants to achieve financial success, but also wants to create value for stakeholders – from shareholders to customers, employees to business partners, and society as a whole. Corporate responsibility informs everything Kingdom does, and is deeply embedded in Kingdom’s core company values. These values influence Kingdom’s approach to work and guides the way Kingdom treats their employees, their customers and grow their business.

Finally, some changes have been made to Kingdom’s contact page, making it simpler to use with content taking up less space. Kingdom’s locations have been split into Support Centres and Regional Offices, and clicking on these takes you straight to the map, with the driving directions box underneath.

To have a look at the changes, please visit the Kingdom website:

Havant Environment Protection team awarded Team of the Month

Kingdom are pleased to award August’s Team of the Month to the HavantHavant August team of the month Environment Protection team for their ongoing work and progress around the borough.

Kingdom Environmental Protection originally provided the team to Havant Borough Council on a pilot basis for six months.  The team were responsible for tasks such as preventing street litter, dog fouling and smoking in prohibited areas by issuing fixed penalty notices, as well as averting anti-social behaviour throughout the borough.  Due to the team’s diligence, Havant Borough Council have extended their contract with Kingdom for a further six months, so a big congratulations goes out to the team!

The Team

  • Darren Hopkins, Team Leader: Darren started at Kingdom as an Officer in 2010, becoming a Senior Environmental Protection Officer in 2011.
  • Costel Jatareanu: Costel joined Kingdom in July 2013, moving to the Havant team in May 2014.
  • Danny Hyde: having joined in July 2014 following 19 years in the army, Danny used his experience to quickly pick up his role as Environmental Protection Officer.
  • Shannon Codling: Shannon is youngest in the team but surpasses her age with a great attitude and maturity that she demonstrates in her job.
  • Philip Redhead: “Red” also comes from an army background having served with the Royal Marines and Ghurkhas; his discipline and work ethic in dealing with threatening offenders has been praised by the client.

Kingdom Environmental Protection work closely with their customers to devise a security solution that is robust and suits their customers’ requirements.  For further information on environmental protection services, click here.

Kingdom provide Gypsy & Traveller Liaison Officer to Barnsley council

There are around 16,000 Gypsy and Traveller caravans in England; 75% of caravans are on authorised sites and are accepted as part of the community, however some towns are seeing an increase in unauthorised encampments, staying on green parks and areas and subsequently having an impact on local residents.

Kingdom Environmental Protection are now providing Barnsley council with a Gypsy and Traveller Liaison Officer for 16 hours a week from 13 October, providing an essential service to families of the Gypsy and Traveller community, as well as residents of Barnsley. The role will include responsibilities such as promoting good community relations, improving access to services for Gypsies and Travellers and responding to complaints about encampments.

Kingdom Environmental Protection work closely with their customers to devise a security solution that is robust and suit their customers’ requirements.  For more information about environmental protection services, click here.

Kingdom cleaning innovation featured in major client’s newsletter

clip_image002Part of a report by Kingdom Clean about the introduction of an aqueous ozone cleaning and sanitising system at the Thistles Shopping Centre in Stirling has been included in the latest issue of our client JLL’s internal newsletter, “Shop Talk”. Entitled “Thistles Goes Green”, the article says:

“Year on year Kingdom Clean have been challenged by our "Centre of Excellence" management at "The Thistles Shopping Centre" Stirling, to introduce new systems and techniques in the cleaning industry, in an effort to improve service delivery and cost efficiencies, driven by Centre Manager Scott Wells and Kingdom Clean Operations Director Peter Simpson.

“The topic for 2014, was to "go green" and although all chemicals that have been introduced since our contract award have been "environmentally friendly" Kingdom Clean wanted to go one step further by introducing something entirely different. Scouring the market place for innovative ideas, it was decided a new cleaning system was to be introduced primarily based on a campaign at “The Thistles” entitled “THISTLES GOES GREEN”.

“Chemical reduction was decided on as a route that would benefit not only the environment but also meet the Centre’s desire to be innovative. The centre saw the installation of the “Aqueous Ozone” water system as well as diamond cleaning pads (a Kingdom Clean innovation for 2013 to use technology to reduce further chemical usage).”

Kingdom Clean has a very large contract with JLL, and providing cleaning services to the Thistles Shopping Centre in Stirling is part of that contract. Introducing the diamond cleaning pads last year and the aqueous ozone cleaning system this year has allowed Kingdom Clean to reduce chemical usage there to an absolute minimum, making the cleaning operation at the shopping centre virtually chemical free.

The new system was installed with minimum effort, taking just two hours and only requiring access to one power socket and a fresh water supply tap in the location the system was to be wall mounted, and a comprehensive training session was provided.

Kingdom’s cleaning team at the shopping centre now only need to use small quantities of specialist chemicals such as brass and metal cleaner, chewing gum remover, and graffiti remover, as all other chemicals have been replaced by the Aqueous Ozone water system. It can be used on vinyl, concrete, terrazzo and stone, is ideal for appliance cleaning, and provides excellent results particularly with surfaces such as glass, stainless steel and chrome. It can also be used to clean bathrooms, escalators, handrails and virtually all fixtures and fittings. It also works well on hard to remove stains and grime build up.

The benefits of the new system are as follows:

• Cut the cost of buying, storing & mixing chemicals
• Eliminates multiple chemicals & guesswork
• Meets performance standards
• Excellent sanitising capability
• Increased productivity, safety & greenability
• On-demand availability
• Key factor is the COSHH data as explained in the diagrams below which is zero.


clip_image004 clip_image005


Commenting on the innovation, Peter Simpson, Operations Director at Kingdom Clean, said:

“Overall I would say the Lotus Pro Aqueous Ozone is an excellent product and the benefits are there for all to see. It is user-friendly, easy to train our staff on regarding usage and capabilities and more importantly reduces the Health and Safety preparation time and unnecessary documentation at site and administration level. Overall this is a complete success, improving Kingdom Clean’s service delivery to our major client JLL.”

For more information about Kingdom’s site managed commercial cleaning and maintenance services, please visit their website:

Kingdom’s clients reveal what matters most to them

clip_image002[5]We recently carried out a review of which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) matter most to our customers.

We asked around 20 of our clients at a workshop in September to rank a series of KPIs in order of importance with a score of between 1 and 3, with 3 being the highest. The maximum score achievable was 12, and Kingdom will now use these figures going forward to ensure that we provide the KPIs that our clients want and need, and to stretch us to achieve service excellence.

The below table provides our findings.

Group 1



Resource / Delivery of Core Hours


Effective handling and reporting of incidents


Crisis management


Evacuation routines


Alarms & Life Safety systems


Roster planning



Group 2



Delivery of contract training matrix




Quality of support staff


Recruitment & retention



Group 3



Patrols – effectiveness & schedule


Shift handover / team communication


Accuracy of invoicing


Supply of KPI (ROI) information


Provision of competent compliance of AIs


Effective handling and reporting of complaints



Group 4



Customer care and interaction


Presentation and appearance of the team





Group 5



Operations Manager visits / contact regularity



Group 6



CCTV operation


Added value / ROI



Kingdom specialises in risk, loss and the protection of property, people and brand. Established in 1993, business retention along with organic and acquisition growth has seen Kingdom has become one of the largest privately owned companies in the UK within our areas of service expertise. For more information about Kingdom, please visit our website

Monthly Health and Safety Bulletin–Issue No. 001

Health & Safety Manager – Who is Graham Hendry?

Department: Operations
clip_image002How long have you been with Kingdom: 1 year (TUPE over to Kingdom)
What do you do for Kingdom: Operations Manager (Central Scotland and North East England) and Health & Safety Manager (UK)
Experience: I hold 14 years operational experience, I commenced in the industry as a Security Officer progressing through Mobile Response, Supervision, Duty Controller and Senior Controller. I then moved into management as a Contract Manager and Security Trainer becoming an SIA Approved Trainer in 2006
Key Industry Qualifications: I am a member of the Security Institute, I hold a diploma in Security Management Level 5, City & Guilds: 1886 Level 3 Certificate in Delivering Conflict Management Training, NEBOSH: National General Certificate in Health & Safety Management, and Skills for Security: Security Screening Trainer compliant with BS7858:2012.
Most memorable Kingdom moment: Involvement in the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games
Favourite film: Blazing Saddles, Bourne Identity or Nottinghill (depends on my mood and company)
Favourite food: Fish and Chips
Favourite activity: Ballroom Dancing (still learning), gardening and spending time with our grandchildren
Favourite holiday: Cyprus (foreign) or Boating on Norfolk Broads (UK)
Who would you like to sit down with and have a coffee / beer with (alive or dead) and why: Johann Strauss II, to discuss the inspiration that led him to compose The Blue Danube


Health & Safety Alerts


The most common Health & Safety accident and near miss reports received at Kingdom still remain ‘Slips, Trips and Falls’.

A lot of these are the result of taking unnecessary risks, sometimes with the best of intentions but, none the less, unnecessary.

Don’t take those risks; Think Safe, Work Safe, Home Safe.

Complete your Shield Training (revisit these modules as often as you feel necessary)


Legislation Updates


No legislation updates applicable to Kingdom’s industry sectors this month.

Previous updates
The recent update of RIDDOR, the ‘Common Sense – Common Safety’ report by Lord Young of Graffham, can be found at

A recent review of the Health & Safety at work Act 1974 was completed by Professor Löfstedt entitled ‘Reclaiming health and safety for all’ can be found at


Dispel the myth (Health & Safety getting wrongly blamed again)

clip_image008No mirror in disabled toilet

Issue: - Enquirer’s mum is registered disabled and whilst in their village pub her mum needed to use the disabled toilet. When she came out, she asked the landlady why there wasn't a mirror in the toilet. The landlady stated that it was for health and safety reasons.

Panel decision: - It is ridiculous to suggest that a mirror cannot be provided in a disabled toilet for “health and safety” reasons. This is clearly not the case given that British Standards even specify how mirrors should be positioned to meet the needs of disabled people. The contractor who refurbished the toilet clearly used “health and safety” as an excuse to cut costs and the landlady appears to be happy to pass on this feeble excuse to customers.

View more myths at


clip_image010[1]clip_image010Short Quiz

Which of the following is an Occupational Hazard?
a) Dust
b) Heart attack
c) Safety Boots

What year was the Health & Safety at Work Act enabled?
a) 1954
b) 1964
c) 1974

An HSE Inspector can issue one of the following
a) Prohibition notice
b) PPE notice
c) Start Work Now notice

Kingdom improves score in annual ACS assessment

imageKingdom is absolutely delighted to announce that they have increased their overall accreditation score in their most recent ACS annual assessment.

ACS is the Security Industry Authority’s (SIA) Approved Contractor Scheme. To be accredited under the scheme, security companies must voluntarily submit themselves for annual inspection by one of 5 UKAS inspection bodies appointed by the SIA to carry out the task. They are then assessed and given a score. They must achieve a score of at least zero to receive ACS accreditation. Kingdom’s score increased from +137 to +146 in the most recent assessment, which is an absolutely superb result.

The objective of the SIA's Approved Contractor scheme, according to their website, is to “raise performance standards and to assist the private security industry in developing new opportunities.” The SIA Approved Contractor Scheme gives organisations the opportunity to distinguish themselves as being among the best providers of private security services in the UK.

The summary of Kingdom’s recent assessment noted that:

Throughout the assessment the company demonstrated an ability to identify innovative solutions to improve customer service, communication with customers’ and employees employee training, employee safety, significant reduction in paper usage and the freeing up of office space. This has been achieved through the development of bespoke software packages in a way that sets a benchmark for other companies to follow.

No improvements were needed in order to meet the requirements of the ACS Standard. Site visit assessments were carried out from the 19th to the 21st August 2014 with head office assessments carried out on the 16th and 17th September 2014. Kingdom directors Terry Barton and Mark Wallace were proud to receive an email from the assessor following the assessment which said:

“I wish to take this opportunity to say thank you not only to yourselves but every member of your team I came into contact with for making me feel very welcome and making it a very enjoyable experience.”

Kingdom was formed in 1993 and is one of the largest privately owned companies in the UK within their areas of service expertise. They specialise in risk, loss and the protection of property, people and brand. Kingdom’s services include security personnel, commercial cleaning, environmental protection, reception & concierge, and mobile patrol. For more information about Kingdom, please visit their website

Kingdom nominated for top business award

clip_image001Kingdom is delighted to have been shortlisted for a Growing Business Award - Britain’s most established and respected recognition of entrepreneurial success.

The Growing Business Awards are hosted by Real Business, supported by the CBI and in association with Lloyds Bank. They have been identifying and recognising Britain’s most enterprising business leaders and finest high-growth businesses for more than 15 years.

All UK-based high-growth and entrepreneurial companies are eligible to enter, no matter the size or stage of their business. Real Business says that they have been inundated with interest this year, receiving a record number of nominations by quite a high margin. They noted that the quality of contenders has been fantastic.

There are 12 different award categories, with Kingdom having been shortlisted for the Growing Business of the Year award for a mid-sized company with turnover between £25million and £50million. The winners will be announced at a sparkling awards ceremony at the London Marriott Grosvenor Square on the 25th November 2014.

Kingdom is a national company that was formed in 1993. Business retention along with organic and acquisition growth has seen it become one of the largest privately owned companies in the UK within its areas of service expertise. Its services include security, commercial cleaning, environmental protection and mobile patrol. For more information about Kingdom, please visit their website

Kingdom cleaner presented with bunch of flowers

Cleaner FlowersA Kingdom employee was overwhelmed to recently be presented with a bunch of flowers by a member of the public as a thank you for her excellent work.

Maureen Emery is the morning janitor at the Sovereign Shopping Centre in Weston-super-Mare. She was approached by a regular visitor to the shopping centre who praised her on how well the centre looked and how clean the toilet facilities were kept, and was presented with a bunch a flowers.

“To say she felt good is an understatement, and it reflects well on the centre and Kingdom”, said Tony Soar, Kingdom’s Site Manager at the Sovereign Shopping Centre. “It is always nice to be appreciated, so when an unknown member of the public says that the place looks well kept, clean and tidy we all feel good”.

Kingdom has been providing cleaning services to the Sovereign Shopping Centre since 2009, cleaning the public areas and common parts, including back of house and management suite.

Kingdom delivers a supervisor of site-managed cleaning and maintenance service to commercial, leisure, transport and public businesses, and is committed to using the best people, technologies and products. For more information about Kingdom’s commercial cleaning services, please visit their website.

Kingdom helps Denbighshire town to bloom

clip_image002 The town of Prestatyn in Denbighshire, North Wales, recently celebrated two fantastic achievements.

Firstly, when the result of the “Wales in Bloom” awards was announced on the 18th September, they came second in the town category with a score of 162 out of 200, and were awarded Silver Gilt. An email from Councillor James Davies of Prestastyn in Bloom said: “This is the best score we have ever received from the particular judge who visited (he gave us 159 last year) but was one point short of our best ever, awarded by a different judge in 2012!”

The results of “International in Bloom” were then announced on the 20th September, in which Prestatyn scored 5/5 (or 5 “Blooms”) and were third in their category, with Gemeente Weert in the Netherlands winning. One of the international judges contacted Councillor Davies to say “Prestatyn is definitely a 5 Bloom community and I congratulate you on the wonderful things you are doing and the warm and welcoming community that you are”.

An officer from Denbighshire County Council, Tim Wynne-Evans, contacted two of Kingdom’s Environmental Protection officers, Katrina Bamsey and Jamie Lambert, saying “I know that you had a fair amount to do with preparing Prestatyn for these competitions, especially helping the Councillor out with particular problems and reviewing areas for him. Clearly it was beneficial for them”. Both Kat and Jamie worked hard to help with preparing Prestatyn for these competitions, putting up more signs, increasing patrols and informing local businesses and residents about the competition. They also met with a judge and gave a presentation and briefing on the work Kingdom has been doing in Denbighshire, as did another officer, Charlie Walker. Jamie noted that “Councillor James Davies was clearly very happy with the support given across the board by the team”.

Kingdom has been providing environmental protection services in Denbighshire on behalf of Denbighshire County Council since October 2012. This includes tackling street litter and dog fouling. Led by experts with an ex-police and military background, Kingdom’s specialist environmental protection teams deliver over 130,000 environmental protection hours per year on behalf of local authorities up and down the country. For more information about Kingdom’s Environmental Protection services, please click here to visit the Environmental Protection page on Kingdom’s website.

Kingdom renews contract with leading wood product supplier

clip_image002Kingdom is delighted to have had their contract renewed to provide security services to Balcas, one of Britain and Ireland’s largest wood product suppliers.

Kingdom has been providing 24 hour manned guarding to their Invergordon site for the last year. Kingdom controls the entry and exit of the site, which includes issuing health & safety equipment and visitor passes, handling all deliveries, completing all paperwork, and ensuring all Balcas policies are followed. Kingdom has provided a level of service that has impressed the company over the last year, which has resulted in the contract being extended by another year with an option to extend for a further 12 months after that.

Balcas is a leading timber products supplier, with their timber products portfolio including construction timber, fencing and landscaping products, pallet and packaging material and architectural mouldings. They have pioneered biomass renewable energy in the British Isles, leading the development of the market for wood pellet fuel in Britain and Ireland. Balcas has a turnover of around £85million. The group has some 400 direct employees, and an additional 300 people engaged in forest harvesting and haulage.

Balcas operates from several sites, including sawmills in Enniskillen and Estonia, an architectural mouldings factor in Kildare, and combined heat and power plants in Enniskillen and Invergordon that produce renewable energy. For more information about Balcas, please click here to visit their website.

Kingdom is one of the largest privately owned companies in the UK within their areas of service expertise, which include security personnel, commercial cleaning, environmental protection, mobile patrol, key holding and alarm response, and reception and concierge services. Formed in 1993, Kingdom has over 20 years experience and specialises in risk, loss and the protection of property, people and brand. For more information about Kingdom, visit their website –

Kingdom employee raising money for charity

clip_image002Kingdom’s Sales Team Manager Jenny Baron will be taking part in “Choctober 2014” from next week, which means she will be giving up chocolate and alcohol for the whole of October in order to raise money for the National Kidney Federation (NKF).

Jenny’s friend Lisa (pictured with Jenny) has kidney failure and is currently awaiting a kidney transplant, so this is a cause very close to Jenny’s heart.

Jenny says: “My brave, strong, beautiful friend Lisa has to go through dialysis daily, as well as surviving and fighting her way through a triple heart bypass and many other illnesses. Lisa is a fighter – she is so strong and never lets it get her down or stop her. She is the heart and soul of the party and is always there for everyone. She is a ray of sunshine and is truly inspirational.”

Jenny would really appreciate your support to reach her £500 target, so if you would like to sponsor her, please go to her Just Giving page - and click “donate”. JustGiving sends your donation straight to the National Kidney Federation so it’s a simple, quick and secure way to donate.

The National Kidney Federation is the largest kidney patient charity in the UK, and is the only national kidney charity run by kidney patients for the benefit of kidney patients. It is committed to improving the health and quality of life of people living with kidney disease and those at risk. For more information about what they do, please visit