Kingdom launches new Intelligence Division

intelligence-twoKingdom has launched a new intelligence division which aims to help you make informed decisions about your environment, your people and your business. The new division will advise you on three key areas including cyber security, domestic activism and global travel advice. We are also offering specialist operations support services.

Our new intelligence team includes recognised experts in their chosen field, with backgrounds in the MOD, Police and Intelligence Services who will work with you from project inception through all stages of the operational cycle to maturity or decommissioning. They are supported by a “help desk team” to ensure your enquiry is handled with the upmost integrity.

This is a fully holistic, multi layered intelligence service and is an unrivalled solution available from Kingdom in response to fast changes in both the world and security markets. This service has been created because businesses are facing an ever evolving and hardening threat from multiple vectors on all fronts. This threat is persistent, technically complex, sophisticated, and well resourced. Our combination of physical, information and personnel security measures is the most effective way to secure a business and by engaging our intelligence led services we will help your business better understand the threat so that you are able to make informed decisions to help reduce the risk.

Following the introduction of this new service changes have been made to our website, so you can access the new intelligence division from the Kingdom website homepage. You can find out more information by visiting or by clicking here to read our new intelligence division online brochure, or here to watch our new video.

Kingdom awarded Constructionline accreditation

ConstructionlineKingdom is pleased to have been awarded accreditation by Constructionline, a UK government certification service designed to reduce duplication and improve efficiencies for both suppliers to the construction industry and buyers of construction services. The certificate is valid until September 2015.

Described as the “common sense solution for both sides of the tender”, Constructionline pre-qualify all of their suppliers to government standards. This means that suppliers do not then have to repeatedly fill in standard pre-qualification forms every time they tender, and buyers don’t have to sift through pre-qualification data and keep it up to date. Instead, both sides of the deal can bypass these problems, saving everyone time, money and hassle in the process.

Constructionline is a Public-Private Partnership between Capita and the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills. Their national online database is the UK’s largest register for pre-qualified contractors and consultants. Over 8,000 buyers and over 18,000 pre-qualified suppliers make up this database. To find out more about Constructionline, please click here to visit their website.

With over 20 years’ experience, Kingdom is one of the largest privately owned security companies in the UK. They have a dedicated civil engineering and construction team with extensive experience and an in-depth understanding of the construction sector.

Kingdom specialises in the protection of people, property, plant and materials and focus on the criteria that matter most to their customers. They maintain an inventive but orderly approach to construction projects and offer a flexible range of services and solutions that make a difference.

For more information about Kingdom’s Civil Engineering and Construction security services, please visit or click here to read their online Civil Engineering & Construction Sector brochure.

Monthly Health and Safety Bulletin–Issue No. 003

Health & Safety Alerts

clip_image002[4]Congratulations, only 1 accident reported throughout October 2014. The most common Health & Safety accident and near miss reports received at Kingdom still remain ‘Slips, Trips and Falls’. A lot of these are the result of taking unnecessary risks, sometimes with the best of intentions but, none the less, unnecessary.

Don’t take those risks; Think Safe, Work Safe, Home Safe.

Complete your Shield Training (revisit modules as often as you feel necessary) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Legislation Updates

No legislation updates applicable to Kingdom’s industry sectors this month.

Previous updates. The recent update of RIDDOR, the ‘Common Sense – Common Safety’ report by Lord Young of Graffham, can be found at

A recent review of the Health & Safety at work Act 1974 was completed by Professor Löfstedt entitled ‘Reclaiming health and safety for all’ can be found at


Case Study of a Risk Assessment

Stockline Plastics explosion

clip_image002On 11 May 2004, the ICL Plastics factory (commonly referred to as Stockline Plastics factory), in the Woodside district of Glasgow in western Scotland, exploded. Nine people were killed, including two company directors, and 33 injured, 15 seriously. The four-storey building was largely destroyed.

The cause:

Poor maintenance resulting in an ignition of gas released by a leak in a pressurised petroleum gas pipe.

The HSE Report concluded:

  • Failure to maintain pipes carrying hazardous gas.
  • Failure to ensure the safety of staff and visitors.
  • Failure to carry out suitable and sufficient risk assessments.

The hazard posed by pressurised petroleum gas appears to have ignored as was the need for maintenance work so they did not Evaluate the risks and decide on precautions resulting in the fatal explosion.

Court Action:

The HSE took ICL Plastics and ICL Tech Ltd to the Criminal Court, the companies both admitted liability and each were fined £200,000.


Risk Assessment is critical, it’s the cornerstone of providing a safe working environment


Dispel the myth (Health & Safety getting wrongly blamed again)

Pub bans confetti

Issue: A sign at a pub says: "Customers please note: due to confetti being a health and safety issue, unfortunately we are requesting that you do not use any. Sorry for the inconvenience."

Panel decision: This is not and never was a health and safety issue. It is encouraging to note that after contact from HSE the pub manager has agreed to take the sign down. If the pub wants to ban confetti because of the clean up problems it creates that is their decision but they can’t hide behind the veil of health and safety!

View more myths at


clip_image004Short Quiz

What does COSHH stand for?


Control of Substances Hazardous to Health


Careful of Substances Harmful to Health


Control of Spillages Hazardous to Health


Control of Substances Hurtful to Health

What type of training is most likely to reduce back injuries when

handling materials and loads?


1st aid training


Forklift truck training


Weight training


Manual handling training

How can workers best contribute to a positive safety culture in the workplace?


They should know how to complete work quickly if things go wrong


They should report unsafe conditions after an accident has occurred


They should report any unsafe conditions as soon as possible


They should know the location of the first aid kit and accident book

Answers to last month’s quiz: (1) = B, (2) = A (3) = C


Got a question for the Health & Safety Department?

Email it to Health&


Do you want to get involved?

Become a local Health & Safety ‘Champion’

  • Join a project group or
  • Provide comment on a project or
  • Create a case study on your site or
  • Provide comment on an HSE legislation update

Your involvement can be kept to a minimum, it won’t impede on your work or leisure time.

You will receive full assistance and advice from the Health & Safety Department.

You will gain a greater understanding of the application of Health & Safety Law.

Your involvement will be recorded as a positive action in your personnel file.

We are looking for persons from all the divisions within Kingdom, regional representation from all Branches.

With your help and assistance, together we can identify the best practices to ensure a safer workplace and you’ll get the satisfaction of saying “I helped make that happen”

Register your interest at Health&

Kingdom supervisor praised for tackling gunman

security-personnel-twoAn off duty Kingdom supervisor has been praised for this role in helping armed police to apprehend a gunman in Stoke.

Dave Craggs, who is a Kingdom area supervisor in Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire, was off duty shopping in his local area when an incident occurred.

According to the report in the local newspaper, The Sentinel, Staffordshire Police initially received reports of an individual waving a gun at customers in the Go Eat Cafe on Trentham Road – close to Longton, at lunchtime on the 12th November.

Armed response officers were deployed immediately due to the potential threat. The 41-year-old from Stoke-on-Trent then entered a nearby bookmakers before he was arrested in Longton’s Home Bargains discount store with what was thought to be an air gun.

Nobody was injured, but shoppers were left in shock by the event, and police remained in the area afterwards to offer reassurance to the community and to support those approached by the man.

The Sentinal’s report detailed Dave’s involvement in the incident:

One shopper, who wished to remain anonymous, claims to have seen the incident in Home Bargains.

The eye witness said he saw an unarmed security guard help the police in detaining the suspect.

He said: “The police had got him on the floor and were struggling to cuff the man, but then one of the security guards came over to help.

“He knelt on the man’s back which enabled the police to get his arms up behind his back and arrest him.”

The shopper has also called for the security guard to be praised.

He added: “It was a pretty bad situation and I though the security guard should be recognised for his help. Not many people would get involved with a potentially armed suspect.”

To read The Sentinel’s full coverage of the event, please click here.

Dave showed great courage in assisting armed police to apprehend the gunman, and as a result of his actions has been awarded a £100 bonus.

Staffordshire Police are continuing their investigation and have appealed for witnesses over the incident. Anyone with information should contact Staffordshire Police on 101, quoting incident number 298 of November 12. Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

Kingdom welcomes new Operations Manager

Satia PicKingdom is delighted to welcome Satia Rai to the company as the new Operations Manager for the Midlands.

Satia started at Kingdom at the beginning of November in her new role which has a particular focus on customer care and retail, and will utilise her particular strengths in the areas of people centred service delivery and using technology to ensure an efficient service.

Satia has a wealth of experience in the security industry, having spent 15 years working in a range of security related roles. She has extensive operational experience in leading and developing large teams.

Satia has been recognised twice with awards by the BSIA (British Security Industry Association), firstly in 2012 in the Best Use of Technology category, and then again the year after in 2013 in the Best Team category.

Outside of work, Satia is very family orientated and enjoys going to the theatre and live concerts. She also enjoys travelling, and lists her favourite cities as Rome, London and San Francisco.

Welcome to Kingdom, Satia!

Kingdom providing security at Cardiff University

Cardiff University

Kingdom is delighted to have been awarded the contract to provide security services to Cardiff University’s Health Library at the Cochrane Building, Heath Park. Kingdom will be providing manned guarding to the prestigious university for three years.

Situated in the capital of Wales and its largest city, Cardiff University was founded in 1883 and has established itself as one of Britain’s leading research universities.

It is a member of the Russell Group, a group of 24 leading UK research intensive universities. It currently ranks amongst the top 25 universities in the UK, and among the top 125 universities in the world.

Cardiff is the 12th largest university in the UK in terms of student numbers, with over 28,500 students enrolled from over 100 different countries and a range of backgrounds. To find out more about Cardiff University, please visit their website

Kingdom is a dedicated and experienced national security supplier, and is one of the largest privately owned security companies in the UK. Established in 1993 to influence and inspire the security marketplace, Kingdom specialises in safeguarding people, facilities and reputations.

Kingdom’s dedicated education team has extensive experience and an in-depth understanding to meet the special demands of the education sector, providing a safe place to teach and learn.

For more information about Kingdom’s security services for the education sector, click here to visit their website, or here to read their online brochure.

Kingdom providing security to leading automotive supplier

Kautex TextronKingdom is delighted to be providing manned guarding services to Kautex Textron, one of the 100 largest automotive suppliers in the world in terms of sales volume.

Founded in 1935, Kautex is a division of Textron and is a leading global supplier of plastic fuel systems, selective catalytic reduction systems (SCR) and clear vision systems. Furthermore, the company produces and supplies camshafts and packaging.

Kautex Textron’s headquarters are in Bonn, Germany, but the firm has over 5,500 employees in 15 countries around the world, including near Cardiff in Wales, where Kingdom is providing manned guarding to the firm. For more information about Kautex, visit their website

Kingdom is a dedicated and experienced national security supplier, specialising in risk, loss and the protection of people, property and brand. Established in 1993 to influence and inspire the security marketplace, Kingdom has over 20 years industry experience and is one of the largest privately owned security companies in the UK.

For more information about Kingdom’s security services, please visit

Kingdom officer saves young boy from choking

IMG_1339A new officer in Kingdom’s Environmental Protection division recently successfully intervened in a potentially life threatening situation when he witnessed a young boy choking whilst he was out on patrol.

Nick Hughes only joined Kingdom on the 17th October this year as an Environmental Protection Officer based in Denbighshire. Upon joining the company he received training and an induction to allow him to patrol on behalf of Denbighshire County Council, enforcing the Environmental Protection Act and other identified legislation. Nick is an army veteran with an extensive career spanning 25 years which included providing close protection duties. Although he has only been with Kingdom a matter of weeks, his training and experience came to the fore when he was recently confronted with a very serious situation.

On Thursday 30th October at approximately 3.20pm, Nick was patrolling the high street in the centre of Rhyl in North Wales when he spotted a crowd of people gathering outside of McDonalds. At the centre of the gathering was a mother, father, grandmother and a 3 year old boy. The child was choking and turning blue, with frothy saliva coming from his mouth. His parents were understandably panicking and didn’t know what to do, so Nick introduced himself to the boy’s grandmother, explained that he could perform first aid and that he could help. The grandmother agreed and informed the child’s parents who handed the child over to Nick.

Nick knew that the child was choking and went down on one knee to support the child’s head with a cupped hand supporting his head and neck. He then put the child across his body, tapped his back and used his fingers to check for the blockage. He then put the child in an upright position and repeated a further two times. He constantly reassured the family by telling them what he was doing. He put his fingers into the boy’s throat to try and pull the obstruction out, and although he could feel it he could not reach the obstruction. On the third time of tilting him and tapping his back a small piece of chicken nugget came out and the little boy must have then swallowed the rest. At that point the child started crying and asking for a drink, reaching for his juice. Nick advised the parents that their son’s airway appeared to be clear, but he advised them to take him to A&E to have him checked over. Nick has since been stopped by a number of retailers who witnessed the incident and wished to thank him.

Michael Fisher, Head of Environmental Protection at Kingdom, said: “There can be no doubt at all that Nick’s swift actions potentially saved a small child’s life and certainly prevented serious injury. Nick’s actions were in the finest traditions of a Kingdom Officer and also an officer providing such an important and at times onerous service to Denbighshire County Council. Nick is to be presented with a commendation and some vouchers as a reward from Kingdom at his site in Wales on Friday 14th November as recognition of his actions, and I would like to once again thank him for his actions that day.”

Kingdom has been providing environmental protection services in Denbighshire on behalf of Denbighshire County Council since October 2012. This includes tackling street litter and dog fouling. Led by experts with an ex-police and military background, Kingdom’s specialist environmental protection teams deliver over 130,000 environmental protection hours per year on behalf of local authorities up and down the country. For more information about Kingdom’s Environmental Protection services, please visit

Kingdom awarded new contract by Birmingham City Council

clip_image002Kingdom is delighted to have been awarded a contract to provide a new Street Scene/Enforcement Service to Birmingham City Council.

Kingdom will now be providing Environmental Health Officers on behalf of Birmingham City Council who will carry out a range of functions, including Duty of Care visits to food outlets including restaurants, cafes and kitchens. The new service started on 1st November.

This is in addition to the enforcement service that Kingdom already provides to Birmingham City Council in relation to environmental crime. Kingdom has been providing environmental protection services to Birmingham City Council for over six years, tackling street litter and city centre enquiries, including graffiti, fly posting and smoking in prohibited areas.

Michael Fisher, Head of Environmental Protection at Kingdom, said: “This is a new service that Kingdom’s Environmental Protection Division will be offering, and is further evidence of Kingdom’s intention to extend and diversify their services to local authorities across the United Kingdom, building upon the foundations laid as pioneers of the Environmental Enforcement service we now so expertly provide”.

Kingdom’s Environmental Protection teams are led by experts with an ex-police and military background, and deliver over 130,000 environmental protection hours per year on behalf of local authorities across the UK.

Kingdom’s environmental enforcement services include tackling street litter, dog fouling & control orders, commercial & residential waste & waste disposal licence checks, smoking in prohibited areas, and the illegal distribution of free material. Kingdom also tackles anti-social behaviour, including criminal damage, graffiti and fly-tipping & posting.

For more information about Kingdom’s environmental protection services, please visit their website:

Kingdom employee completes month of fundraising

Jen and LisaKingdom’s Sales Team Manager Jenny Baron has spent the last month taking part in “Choctober 2014” in order to raise money for the National Kidney Federation (NKF). Jenny gave up both chocolate and alcohol throughout October, and has now completed the challenge.

So far, Jenny has raised £125 for the National Kidney Federation, and is extremely grateful for all of the report and donations she has received to date. She would very much like to raise £500 for this fantastic charity and would really appreciate any help to achieve that goal. It’s not too late if you would still like to donate – just go to her Just Giving page - - and click “donate”. JustGiving sends your donation straight to the National Kidney Federation so it’s a simple, quick and secure way to donate.

Jenny took part in the fundraising exercise for the NKF because her friend Lisa (pictured with Jenny) has kidney failure and is currently awaiting a kidney transplant, so this is a cause very close to Jenny’s heart.

Before starting the challenge, Jenny said: “My brave, strong, beautiful friend Lisa has to go through dialysis daily, as well as surviving and fighting her way through a triple heart bypass and many other illnesses. Lisa is a fighter – she is so strong and never lets it get her down or stop her. She is the heart and soul of the party and is always there for everyone. She is a ray of sunshine and is truly inspirational.”

The National Kidney Federation is the largest kidney patient charity in the UK, and is the only national kidney charity run by kidney patients for the benefit of kidney patients. It is committed to improving the health and quality of life of people living with kidney disease and those at risk. For more information about what they do, please visit

Kingdom employees being trained to deal with traffic offences in Barnsley

clip_image001Kingdom was pleased to announce back in August that they had won four contracts to provide environmental protection services across Barnsley for 12 months, tackling litter and dog fouling across the south Yorkshire town on behalf of Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council.

Kingdom will soon be increasing the services they provide to Barnsley Council, as Kingdom (in partnership with the council) have engaged the services of an approved supplier to train 14 Kingdom employees for the City & Guilds Parking Enforcement Officer (1950) qualification for civil enforcement officers who operate under the Traffic Management Act 2004.

The course started today (Monday 3rd November), and will run all week, finishing on Friday after the employees have sat the City & Guilds examination. Good luck to all of them! Having qualified staff will enable Kingdom to enforce traffic offences in Barnsley whilst continuing to deal with the issues of litter and dog fouling, which are a major concern for both residents and councillors alike.

Kingdom’s environmental protection teams are led by experts with an ex-police and military background, and deliver over 130,000 environmental protection hours per year on behalf of local authorities across the UK. For more information about Kingdom’s environmental protection services, please click here.

Kingdom announce new appointments

Kingdom are pleased to announce new appointments for two of our people: Steve Gillespie

Steven Gillespie has taken up the role of National Head of Training

Ian McCaffary has taken up the role of National Head of Recruitment.

Steve (pictured right) has been coordinating good training practices and managing compliance for Ian McCaffreythe Kingdom Environmental Protection division to date. With six years of experience Steve will be driving the national training role forward by identifying training needs and coordinating compliance to further develop our people.

Ian (pictured left) has taken up the role of Head of Recruitment within Kingdom overseeing all recruitment practices as well as managing the end to end recruitment processes for potential candidates.  With significant experience in the security industry, Ian now takes on the pivotal role of identifying strong talent within the marketplace, as well as advising on the national recruitment strategy for the company.

Kingdom to start providing environmental protection services in Woking

clip_image001A councillor in Woking has had enough of seeing litter and cigarette butts dropped all over the town, and as a result Kingdom’s environmental protection team is to start a four week pilot scheme there on Monday 3rd November.

Kingdom’s officers will patrol the streets of Woking wearing real time body cameras, issuing fixed penalty notices and taking filmed statements as evidence from anyone seen deliberately dropping litter there, initially until Sunday 30th November.

Councillor Colin Kemp, who represents the Horsell West ward on Woking Borough Council and is also a county councillor on Surrey County Council, put forward a proposal at a council meeting on 10th July to tidy up Woking by hiring a commercial litter service to catch perpertrators in the act. Councillor Kemp, like many of the residents he represents, was fed up of witnessing “shameless” littering in Woking town centre. “I’ve seen people throw cigarette butts on the ground when they’re two or three feet from a bin ... I think it’s a mindset that people have”, said Councillor Kemp. Council officers then put forward a proposal at an executive council meeting on Thursday 11th September to allow the scheme to go ahead on an initial trial basis with the scope for the service to be made permanent if proven to be successful.

Cllr Beryl Hunwicks, the council’s environmental portfolio holder said: “I think after officer consideration we felt that it was a good idea and it was suggested that we as the executive recommend to council the motion is supportive. If it proves to be successful we can make it permanent. I think it will be very interesting going forward. It will be connected to another trial that we are making with Boots to encourage people to stop smoking. I’m very keen that we actually go ahead with this and see what happens.”

Cigarette butts make up 40% of the rubbish collected from streets. Smokers who stubb out cigarettes on the ground in Woking have been given football-style yellow cards throughout the month of October as part of the council’s You Butt In, We’ll Butt Out campaign, coinciding with the nationwide Stoptober challenge which encourages people to give up smoking. This is an amnesty as offenders normally face a £75 penalty. Instead, offenders have been given a warning about the fine for failing to dispose of cigarettes properly, and the yellow cards have offered information to smokers on how they can get help giving up.

Anyone caught by Kingdom’s environmental protection officers dropping cigarette butts in November will be fined £75, which will be reduced to £50 if paid within the month. They will also be given a blue card. This will offer them the chance to receive £50 in Boots vouchers if they give up smoking for four weeks. Carbon monoxide tests will have to prove that they have stopped smoking for four weeks. The campaign therefore aims to reduce litter in Woking as well as improve the health and wellbeing of residents.

Kingdom’s environmental protection team helps local authorities around the country to tackle street litter and other anti-social behaviour, delivering over 130,000 environmental protection hours per year. The annual cost of cleaning the UK streets has been estimated at £780million. For more information about Kingdom’s environmental protection services, please visit:

Monthly Health and Safety Bulletin–Issue No. 002

clip_image002Health & Safety Alerts

We’re getting there, only one accident reported throughout September!

The most common Health & Safety accident and near miss reports received at Kingdom still remain ‘Slips, Trips and Falls’. A lot of these are the result of taking unnecessary risks, sometimes with the best of intentions but, none the less, unnecessary.

Don’t take those risks; Think Safe, Work Safe, Home Safe.

Complete your Shield Training (revisit these modules as often as you feel necessary)



Legislation Updates

No legislation updates applicable to Kingdom’s industry sectors this month.

Previous updates.

The recent update of RIDDOR, the ‘Common Sense – Common Safety’ report by Lord Young of Graffham, can be found at

A recent review of the Health & Safety at work Act 1974 was completed by Professor Löfstedt entitled ‘Reclaiming health and safety for all’ can be found at



The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 explained

This month we are looking at ‘Safe Systems of Work’ (sometimes referred to as a ‘Method Statement’)

Definition; A safe system of work is a formal procedure which results from systematic examination of a task in order to identify all the hazards. It defines safe methods to ensure that hazards are eliminated or risks minimised.

The easiest example of a ‘Safe Systems of Work’ is your Assignment Instructions, they are created through a formal procedure whereby the Client and the Kingdom Operations Manager carry out a systematic examination of a task and identify all the hazards then ensure that hazards are eliminated or risks minimised

It’s your responsibility to comply with the ‘Safe System of Work’, following the safe system of work will ensure you minimise any risk to yourself and/or others associated with existing hazards

Case Study of a safe system of work.

Woolworths Fire 1979 Piccadilly Manchester.

At the time of the fire the building contained 500 staff and customers, as a consequence of the fire 47 were hospitalised and 10 died in the fire. Recorded at the time as the worst building fire in the UK since the Second World War.

Fire Brigade identified the following concerns as being significant:

1. Furniture contained highly inflammable polyurethane foam which, when alight, produced thick toxic smoke

2. Fire Exit signs were obscured by thick smoke

3. Multi storey building with no sprinkler system

4. Metal bars cemented into windows in upper floors preventing their use as a means of escape

It’s not reasonable or fair to wholly blame the management of Woolworths for not carrying out a systematic examination of a task and identifying all the hazards as many of the hazards listed above had never been encountered before (The Health and Safety at Work Act was only 4 years old and was not fully implemented until 1983).

Creating a safe system of work to prevent this type of event reoccurring will require actions in the design of buildings and that’s exactly what happened; pressure was brought by the Fire Service in conjunction with the Health & Safety Executive and as a result we now have:

1. Fire retardant polyurethane foam in soft furnishings

2. Illuminated Fire Exit signs

3. Sprinkler systems or dry risers fitted to multi storey buildings

4. Windows are now fitted with hinged cages secured by padlock.

There are always human factors in the safe system of work and the systematic examination of a task and identification of all the hazards in relation to emergency procedures highlighted, in this case, that during the evacuation of the upper floor restaurant, staff were unable to confirm if visitors using the restaurant would get a refund on their purchase. This resulted in many refusing to leave until they had an answer, others attempted to use Fire Exits whilst carrying hot food.


Dispel the myth (Health & Safety getting wrongly blamed again)

Burger van refuses to cut burger in half


Enquirer was queuing at a burger van when the customer in front of them received their freshly cooked food and asked if one of the burgers could be cut in half as it was for her children. The stall owner immediately said "Can't do that - health and safety. We're just not allowed to do that." They accepted this excuse and left with the burger intact.

Panel decision

This is not a health and safety matter; there is no legislation which would prevent the stall from meeting the customer’s reasonable request to have their burger cut in half. Health and safety law does not prevent catering staff from using knives, in fact you expect them to know how use them safely. The panel have a real beef with this kind of unhelpful response to customers which completely misuses "health and safety".

View more myths at


clip_image007Short Quiz

(1) In Health & Safety, PPE stands for?

a) Protect People and the Environment

b) Personal Protective Equipment

c) Politics, Philosophy and Economics

(2) What kind of Act is the Health & Safety at Work Act?

a) Enabling Act

b) Common Law

c) European Norm

(3) How can slip, trip and fall accidents be prevented?.

a) Opening doors for colleagues

b) Stacking boxes in corridors

c) Regular checking of all floor surfaces for defects and spillages

Answers to last month’s quiz: (1) = A, (2) = C (3) = A


Ask the Safety Department a question or request an area of Health & Safety to be explained.

Email to Health&

Mobile Patrol Supervisor helps catch vandal

mobile-patrols-oneOne of Kingdom’s mobile patrol supervisors recently helped to catch a vandal at iQ Bristol, student accommodation in Bristol where Kingdom provides static guarding and mobile patrols of the premises and car parks.

Charles Edwards was carrying out a routine patrol of the car park at the site when he heard a commotion and attended to ascertain what the problem was. Upon his arrival he found that an act of criminal damage has been carried out on someone else’s vehicle.

He called the police, providing them with a description and directions, and with that information they were able to apprehend the person who had caused the damage. Well done to Charles!

Kingdom’s mobile patrol, lock and unlock service provides a cost-effective solution for low risk sites. Kingdom completes over 93,000 mobile visits per year, with its UK wide mobile patrol service providing an efficient and visible deterrent. Kingdom can provide pre-determined or roving mobile patrols, which range from a simple visual drive-by to a full walk and check or lock and unlock function.

Kingdom employs local people will local knowledge and all of their mobile patrol personnel are Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed, uniformed and trained. Kingdom’s vehicle fleet is Kingdom branded and fully equipped to visit and inspect your premises at agreed frequencies and physically patrol and check for damage or intrusion or to lock or unlock your premises.

Click here to visit Kingdom’s website for more information about their mobile patrol services.